Performance Training and Team Training

For the athlete, this style of training goes in depth towards your goals. Things that will be taken into consideration will be in-season, off-season or pre-season, injury, mobility, strength, balance, quickness, agility, speed and much more. Periodized programs may be designed to follow with your performance goals.

For teams, work on agility, conditioning, endurance, balance and more play a big role in development for the team and individual. Strategy and skill work can be left for practice and conditioning can be left to us.

Private & Group Training

Training in a private, one-on-one setting is great option for many people. You will receive motivation, proper instruction, program design and many tips and pointers on proper nutrition and exercise selection.

Training in a group of 3 or more can be very beneficial to many individuals. It is cost effective and allows you to train with people you know, which can keep motivation high and often add more fun to te training.